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Taekwondo Progress Review

Scheduled every few months, Progress Review Day is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their improvements and understanding of Taekwondo. Generally held on a Saturday, students are required to complete and turn in their portfolio and write an essay. At the conclusion of the review, students are either approved and scheduled to test, or they are scheduled to attend the next review. Those students not approved to test are given specific feedback on what improvements need to be made. Those students approved to test are given a notice supplying the student/parents with the test and graduation date plus a list of all items that need to be turned in prior to the test date. Parents wait outside of the Taekwondo studio during reviews.  

Taekwondo Test and Graduation Day

On test day and graduation day, parents are welcomed into the studio to videotape or take pictures as students perform basic techniques, traditional forms, sparring, and board breaking. We strongly encourage you to bring friends and family to this special event. For students, promotions are opportunities to demonstrate their progress and to learn to perform under pressure. For the staff, the test environment becomes a perfect time to reward students for their past achievements, to challenge them and to evaluate how they handle themselves under pressure, and to motivate them to continue to excel and/or to work harder. For each promotion test, students are required to complete and turn in their portfolio and write an essay. The purpose of the portfolio is to show continued character development along with progress in skill level. Test and graduation day marks both an end and a new beginning; it is a special time to celebrate our students’ dedication and accomplishments!

Students receive their Certificate of Promotion in classes a few days following the graduation. There is a test fee of $40 for each color belt promotion test. Black belt test fees start at $150 and increase with each rank. Promotions keep students excited about learning Taekwondo and inspires them to continue to do their best. The longer a student is involved in Taekwondo, the longer they will benefit from the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects our program has to offer.