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Dress Code & Safety Equipment


Colored belt students are required to wear the official all-white VTCDKA uniform with all of the following patches: School, VTCDKA, USA flag and Korean flag. All patches are available for purchase at our pro-shop.  

Black belts 13 years and older need to wear the VTCDKA uniform of a solid black collar or a poom uniform with a red/black collar for black belts under the age of 13. Student leaders and VTCDKA certified instructors must wear their instructor’s patch.

All women must wear a t-shirt under their uniform. A solid white shirt will be worn with colored belts, and a solid black shirt will be worn for black belts. Please note that a sports bra is not considered a t-shirt.

Male students under the age of 15 have the option of wearing a t-shirt under their uniform. Colored belts will wear a solid white shirt, and black belts will wear a solid black shirt.

Safety Equipment

Students must use sparring gloves and shin/instep pads to participate in the sparring portion of the class. The sparring gear is for additional protection for all students as they block, punch or kick. Children’s bones have not fully developed, so the sparring equipment provides cushioning for added protection. Mouthpieces are strongly recommended for all students. All males are requested to wear an athletic supporter with cup. Chest protectors are now mandatory for all students to participate in sparring.

Note: Your safety comes first!

All safety measures are mandated by our liability insurance company, and Victory Academy Taekwondo is in full support of these safety measures.  



Long hair should be worn away from the face, preferably pulled back and off the shoulders if possible. Heavy clamps are not recommended. Fingernails and toenails should be kept at a clean and manageable length. No jewelry is allowed during practice (this includes wedding rings). Uniforms, not including belt, should be washed after each practice. Shin/instep pads should be occasionally washed or as needed.