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Taekwondo Belts

All students will move through the progression of colored belts (gup): white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown, brown with a black stripe, and finally black! Once students are black belts, they will progress on to degrees of black belt (dan) starting with first degree, second degree, and so on. The testing timetable listed below is provided by the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Association (VTCDKA) and is intended as the “ideal” progression for a student to strive for. Though we intend to test students at or near the minimum time required by the VTCDKA, it is common for students to test one, two, or even three months past the required minimum time. Remember, we are not in a hurry to produce black belt students. Instead, we desire to produce the most excellent Taekwondo students at every color belt and black belt level. Our students know that when they have a new belt, it has been earned and they feel a tremendous sense of pride in their accomplishment!

VTCDKA Minimum Time Requirements:

(Requirements are based on two classes per week).

  • 2 months to be awarded a yellow and orange belt
  • 3 months to be awarded a green and blue belt
  • 4 months to be awarded a purple and red belt
  • 5 months to be awarded a brown belt and brown belt with black stripe and a black belt

The required time required for black belts to test for 2nd Dan is two years, three years for 3rd Dan and so on.