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Victory Academy is closed, but the Schuster Team will continue this great program in a new location.  Infinity Martial Arts will be continuing Tae Kwon Do (and Mighty Kids) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Email: or call 309-533-3414 for more information!  We hope you join us for our FREE summer outdoor training!



Victory Academy is Bloomington-Normal’s Leading Martial Arts Instruction Center for students of all ages. Our popular Taekwondo program provides essential martial arts training as well as outstanding character and leadership development. It’s our pleasure to promote a passion for excellence in all areas of our students’ lives.

  • With the realization that learning occurs through constant repetition, our instructors systematically convey principles and habits that promote positive change in our students.
  • The staff at Victory Academy is driven by the fact that when a student experiences success in the Taekwondo studio, it will ultimately channel into successes in other areas.
  • Whether one seeks physical fitness, fun activities, peer involvement, self-defense techniques, or serious martial arts training, Victory Academy has a place for you.
  • Some students come in with challenges such as lack of poise, short attention span, or physical challenges with their body type or abilities. Our professional staff and programs work to instill the needed qualities to help overcome obstacles and improve self-worth.
  • Our students share that they have improved concentration, perform better in school, are more respectful to parents, feel better about their bodies, have an outlet for stress, feel a higher sense of belonging, and have increased self-confidence.

Side Kicks (ages 7-12)

The overall objective for our staff regarding this age group is to encourage maximum effort in all areas of our students’ lives and to instill a firm confidence in them. Goals include: (1) To develop exceptional individuals by means of focusing on rock-solid habits and values. (2) To produce exceptional Taekwondo students. Students attend two, one-hour classes per week.

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Families (12+)

Whereas other activities create division, this Taekwondo class is one of the few activities that families can enjoy together. The entire family will benefit from the process of setting and achieving goals and from the personal rewards that come with striving for excellence! This class is mainly composed of color belt students but is also open to black belts. Students attend two, one-hour classes per week.

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Black Belt Club (Advanced)

This advanced class is specifically designed for upper-level students considered to be the best of best within our school and national martial art organization. Classes are highly intense, demanding the highest level of technical performance. Students are focused on:

•Training of advanced level technical requirements

•Teaching of positive principals which helps produce students of impeccable character

Black belts are required to attend at least two classes per week and must attend the Master’s Club course as well.

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Master’s Club (Black Belts Only)

This is a half-hour class that all black belt students attend in addition to their regular classes. Class time is spent on various topics such as:

•Perfecting forms and related technical skills

•The practice of highly advanced sparring strategies and tactics

•Introduction of more intricate self-defense skills

•The exploration and practice of various advance breaking techniques

•The introduction and practice of weaponry

•Special conditioning and weight training

Students register for one 30-minute class, one time per week that occurs after a black belt class.

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