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Ninja Challenge

Victory Academy is closed, but the Schuster Team will continue martial art instruction in a new location.  Infinity Martial Arts will offer Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Email: or call 309-533-3414 for more information!  We hope you join us for FREE summer training!



For those aged 5-10, Ninja Challenge combines aspects of gymnastics, tumbling/tricking, physical fitness, and martial arts for an unforgettable and challenging experience! The hour is jam-packed with activity as we move through self-defense and Taekwondo, tumbling/tricking, gymnastics, and parkour, and the hundred-foot-long ninja course. Challenge days are set for once a month where our ninjas try to beat their best time to advance to a higher level. Students attend once a week for an hour.

Ninja Challenge includes:

  • Swinging Bridge
  • Cargo Net
  • Rock Wall
  • Balance Station
  • Quad Steps
  • Spider wall
  • Warped wall

View our schedule and enroll today!