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Mighty Kids Belts

The Mighty Kids Program offers a practical, progressive curriculum that challenges students while rewarding their accomplishments in manageable increments. Essentially, we have taken the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Association (VTCDKA) white to yellow belt requirements and systematically divided the requirements over a longer period to allow students’ cognitive development to catch up to their motor development.  The Mighty Kids Curriculum makes it possible for children to earn a promotion approximately every three months! 


Belt Levels:

  • Level 1  White belt with Yellow Stripe
  • Level 2  White belt with Orange Stripe
  • Level 3  White belt with Green Stripe
  • Level 4  White belt with Blue Stripe
  • Level 5  White belt with Purple Stripe
  • Level 6  White belt with Red Stripe          
  • Level 7  White belt with Brown Stripe
  • Level 8  Solid Yellow Belt (Mighty Kids Graduation!)


Important note for solid yellow belt: students in the Mighty Kid 2 class are practicing the first form (a series of patterned movements). Once they are able to perform it by themselves, they can test for solid yellow. For example, a green stripe can skip the other stripe colors and go straight to solid yellow once they know the form! They will then graduate from the Mighty Kids class and move to the traditional Taekwondo Program. They also get to add a chest protector and helmet to their sparring equipment!