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Mighty Kids Testing

Tests are conducted approximately 5-6 times a year. The instructors will check students that have the minimum required time in rank to ensure they know the required skill progression. This process is done in class! Students that have met the requirements and had time in rank are given a promotion invitation. There is a checklist of items that need to be turned in before the test, time and date of the test, and essay topic. Students at this age may write a sentence about their topic or draw a picture. For example, the topic may be being a good listener, and they might draw a stick figure with large ears. The test takes about an hour. (It is separate from class.) Friends and family are invited for test day. Guests will go into the Taekwondo room with their student and can film and take pictures! Students will perform techniques like they do in class, perform their highest Kibon by themselves, spar, and break a board. The belt is awarded at the end followed by a group picture. It is a wonderful experience.