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Mighty Kids Program offers Measurable Success

We have outlined observable characteristics of how we measure success to help parents understand what our staff’s values are and what we hope to see in each student. First, our instruction places a priority on EFFORT! For example, we tell every student that even though they may not be able to perform a certain skill, that they can most definitely TRY THEIR BEST!

A great amount of our time is placed on teaching the value of RESPECT! We believe that all our students are deserving of our respect, simply by the fact that each one of them is a unique individual created by God. On the other hand, we also maintain that the best way for a person to gain the respect of others is to behave in such a way that promotes that desired expectation.
Knowing the critical role that TRUST plays in any positive relationship, our staff achieves this objective by teaching in a caring and sensitive manner. In this regard, we avoid any harsh teaching methods and instead make MOTIVATION our teaching tool of preference.
Our staff ensures that in each class students are learning, getting exercise, having fun, and being challenged. The progressive, step-by-step teaching approach in the Mighty Kids program allows students to experience daily challenges and daily successes. Encouraging our students to confront and overcome their challenges is what will build CONFIDENCE in them.

 “Start children off in the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

Frequent testimonies from our parents confirm that there is a direct correlation between success achieved in our Mighty Kids classroom and success achieved in the school classroom. This is not surprising because in classes students are learning to focus, listen, follow directions, and try their best. These qualities added together create a formula for success in anything our students set out to do.
We are committed to encouraging our students to feel that they are capable of achieving great things in life. One key form of encouragement that we incorporate is to communicate our students’ unique talents and strengths to them. Our teaching experience has proven to us that positive remarks are the seeds that produce a HEALTHY SELF-CONCEPT in our students, which in turn cultivates a MIGHTY KID SELF-IMAGE.

Our staff is confident that through the Mighty Kids training program, students can acquire all of the positive characteristics mentioned above plus much more! Without a doubt, our highly-motivated professional staff will teach students how to develop into outstanding martial artists. However, our definition of a successful student will always involve the more obvious benefits: fit, responsible, and happy individuals!