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Dress and Equipment


Mighty Kids students are required to wear the official all-white VTCDKA uniform with all of the following patches: Victory Academy, VTCDKA, USA flag and the South Korean flag. All patches are available for purchase at our pro-shop.  Students can wear a solid white shirt under their uniform if desired and will go barefoot!  



Mighty Kids: Students must use sparring gloves and shin/instep protectors to participate in the sparring portion of the class. The sparring gear is for additional protection for all students as they block, punch or kick. Children’s bones have not fully developed, so the sparring equipment provides cushioning for added protection.  Using gloves at this age also trains the hands to stay in a fist when punching.

Super Kids: Students do not spar with another person, as some are still learning not to hit others.  Any contact is on a punching bag or target.  Punching gloves are required at this age to help train their hands to stay in a fist when punching and for added protection on the canvas punching bags.  *Note: We teach students that they can practice at home with parent permission.  A good tool is to wear the belt when practicing at home, so everyone knows their family member is doing Taekwondo.  This will eliminate any random kicking or punching at inappropriate times. 

Note: Your safety comes first!

All safety measures are mandated by our liability insurance company, and Victory Academy Taekwondo is in full support of these safety measures.