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Victory Academy Makes Mighty Kids

Victory Academy is closed, but the Schuster Team will continue this great program in a new location.  Infinity Martial Arts will be continuing Tae Kwon Do (and Mighty Kids) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Email: or call 309-533-3414 for more information!  We hope you join us for our FREE summer outdoor training!


The Mighty Kids Program was created exclusively for children three to six years old to enjoy and to succeed. Age-appropriate classes that cater to a child’s level of mental, physical, and emotional development have been perfected so every kid, from the super talented to the ordinarily endowed, can be a superstar!

The Mighty Kids Program offers a practical, progressive curriculum that challenges students while rewarding their accomplishments in manageable increments. The Mighty Kids program makes it possible for children to earn a promotion approximately every three to four months. For each promotion, the student receives a white belt with a horizontal color stripe.

On one hand, the Mighty Kids program is aimed at preparing young students to advance to a traditional martial art curriculum. On the other hand, the purpose of our children’s martial art program is intended to have a much broader and essential scope for its participants. Our primary purpose is to impact the lives of our young students by teaching them important life skills through the practice of our Mighty Kids Curriculum, positive messages, and rewarding classroom experiences.  Mighty Kids attend two, one-hour classes a week. Flexible times are available for busy families!

Super Kids (age 3)

Super Kids is a fun and dynamic class.  Students in this class learn how to be good listeners and follow directions.  Coordination and body awareness are developed through Taekwondo based stations and games!  Small class sizes help even the most nervous student acclimate to a new environment.  We use imagination as we block falling tree branches and kick inside an alligator mouth!  Your little Super Kid will love this class! 

Class length: 30 minutes (1x per week)

Side note: we are the only taekwondo program that offers a class just for 3-year-olds!

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Mighty Kids 1 (ages 4-5)

This class teaches children the importance of listening and paying attention while developing large muscle coordination through creative drills and purpose oriented games.  In Mighty Kids 1, students start working toward and earning stripe belts! It is a great class for preschoolers and their imagination.  If you observe a class, you will see students working hard and learning while hearing the squeals of excitement as they fly through space, run from a silly snake, or jump over alien lasers.    

Class length: 45 minutes (1x per week)

View our schedule and enroll today!

Mighty Kids 2 (ages 5 1/2-7)

Running, kicking, punching, laughing, and sweating!  The Mighty Kids 2 class provides students with a constructive outlet to release their limitless energy while gaining confidence, self-esteem, and fitness!  Students pick any two Mighty Kids 2 class offerings a week, and can select different class times each week, which allows for greater flexibility for busy families.  Earning striped belts is motivating for students as they are rewarded for their hard work! Students graduate from the Mighty Kids program by testing for their solid yellow belt.  This is a great class for Kindergarteners and above.  Character building is weaved throughout this class as we support parents in raising awesome kids!

View our schedule and enroll today!