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Victory Academy is closed, but the Schuster Team will continue martial art instruction in a new location.  Infinity Martial Arts will offer Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Email: or call 309-533-3414 for more information!  We hope you join us for FREE summer training!




Victory Academy is proud to offer Bloomington-Normal a strong and positive gymnastics program that works not only to develop great athletes but also to strengthen their character. Our suite of thoughtfully created programs has been designed for all ages and abilities to offer amazing benefits and opportunities. The early athletic skills gained from gymnastics allows kids to go anywhere they want—athletically or otherwise. From fun, introductory classes to advanced competitive involvement, we place students on a positive path of progressive learning which builds skills and simultaneously builds self-esteem.

All Victory Academy classes and teams are, by choice, small to ensure that we can provide the individualized attention and family environment that is important within these years of critical development.


Flip Star Preschool Gymnastics

Our caring instructors offer a fun and nurturing environment for our youngsters! Every class is a theme-based adventure with new things to learn and new ways to explore, exercise, and engage. They take place once per week and are limited in size so we can provide ideal engagement and attention for our tots. While typical attendance is one time per week, parents have the option of enrolling their children in multiple Flip Star classes if they prefer. Let the fun and fitness begin!

Wee Flip (walking-2 years old)

This is a parent participation class that allows the littlest gymnasts to participate in class while still having the comfort and assistance of a parent. You will find our toddlers love learning to jump on the trampoline and sliding into the foam pit. Our main objectives include child/parent interaction and education, learning to take turns, and group/social interaction. Listening skills, following directions, sequencing through obstacle courses, and spatial awareness are developed as your child has his or her first gymnastics experience in a fun-filled environment! This is a 30-minute class, once per week, with a student/teacher ratio of 8:1.

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Flip Kids 1 (3 year olds)

In this class, children love getting their energy out through gymnastics-based stations which encourage learning to follow directions, staying on task, and staying focused. Animals, Disney, and dinosaurs are just some of the themes that add extra excitement for our Flip Kids. Our main objectives include socialization, group interaction, independence from parents, and an introduction to basic gymnastics skills. This is a 45-minute class, once per week, with a student/teacher ratio of 6:1.

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Flip Kids 2 (4 year olds)

This class is a bridge into our Rainbow Gymnastics Program. Students use the equipment designed for their size and needs as they work on strength, coordination, and flexibility. Our themed classes combine fun and excitement as students work on body positioning, body awareness, and basic skills. If your child is a bundle of energy, this class will be the perfect fit! This is a 45-minute class, once per week, with a student/teacher ratio of 6:1.

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Star Time (walking–5 years old)

Join us in the Flip Star pre-school area where your child is free to explore and discover the exciting world of gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. Our professionals are on hand if you need help or guidance. Come play with your little STAR at Victory Academy! This activity meets every Monday from 10:00 am -11:00 am.

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School-aged Gymnastics

Our gymnasts benefit from positive instruction in an atmosphere of encouragement. We focus on progression—teaching gymnastic in steps, which is the safest and wisest way to build skills and confidence. Instructors track their students’ progress goal progress with monthly testing to ensure that students are always learning and growing. Gymnastics offers students an amazing athletic foundation, an opportunity to make lifelong friends, and an outlet to feel good about one’s own accomplishments. Fun-filled classes also include trampoline, rock wall, rope climb, and the foam block pit.

Boys' Gym

Boys learn the following Olympic events:

  • parallel bars
  • rings
  • high bar
  • vault
  • floor exercises
  • pommel horse

Beginner classes meet once a week for one hour. Intermediate classes meet twice a week for one hour.

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Rainbow Gymnastics

Beginner Rainbow Gymnastics introduces fundamental gymnastics skills to students. To ensure the safety of our young gymnasts, a strong emphasis is placed on learning technically correct skill progressions. Students use goal sheets to track their progress.

Intermediate Rainbow Gymnastics continues to develop the students’ technical understanding and performance of fundamental skills as well as introducing new skill progressions. As in the Beginner classes, each student has a goal sheet. To advance into the Intermediate class, students must have completed their beginner goal sheet and pass an evaluation.

Beginner classes meet once a week for one hour. Intermediate classes meet twice a week for one hour.

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Homeschool Gym

Homeschool gymnastics is a co-ed class for students 5-12 years old.  It is a beginner class that will focus on tumbling skill progressions and mastery.  The Gymnastics apparatus (men's and women's) will focus on fitness and fun.  Students in this class will use the apparatus to work on balance, strength, flexibility, and power!   

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Qualified gymnasts are welcomed to the world of competitive gymnastics, where they have the opportunity to learn USAG Level 3 gymnastics skills. Based upon proficiency and desires of the student and family, students progress with the goal of placement onto the Olympian Club Gymnastics Team at Victory Academy.

Pre-Team 1 practices for 2 hours, twice a week. Pre-Team 2 practices for 2 hours, three times a week. Students must be approved prior to registration into these classes to ensure appropriate placement. In the summer, both Pre-Team 1 and 2 practice all three days.

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XCEL Jewels Gymnastics

XCEL is an awesome gymnastics program where kids can learn, enjoy, and progress in a non-competitive environment. Five levels of achievement exist. Participants begin putting required skills into individualized routines in the first level, making XCEL Jewels and ideal environment for self-expression and creativity. Graduations take place three times a year where the kids get to showcase their skills for their families.

USAG XCEL Levels include:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Platinum

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