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Meet Our Instructors

Grandmaster Manny Sosa – Owner, Martial Arts Expert

Grandmaster Sosa is the President and co-founder of Victory Academy. His vision of developing a multi-program facility founded on providing, "great instruction in a great facility" has become a reality! Persistently looking ahead, he and his wife Vicki continue to search for new methods and opportunities to elevate the services and programming currently offered by the Academy. An 8th-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Grandmaster Sosa has founded the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Association, an international organization that offers the world’s highest credentials to other Taekwondo schools and students so excellence in instruction and mentorship will go beyond the Bloomington-Normal community. Grandmaster Sosa has also created the most advanced training system for teaching children martial arts; a program called Mighty Kids. Throughout his nearly 40 years of teaching experience, Grandmaster Sosa continues to build close relationships with his students, an element that defines his success as a teacher and mentor. He credits and is thankful to God for everything in his life.

Vicki Sosa – Owner, Gymnastics Professional

Co-Founder and Vice President of Victory Academy, Vicki has helped sculpt the Academy into a successful sports and performing arts business center. Her long-standing dedication and contribution have resulted in making learning a positive experience for all Victory Academy members! Vicki's successful competitive gymnastics career earned her a gymnastics scholarship at Western Illinois University, where she was one of the top all-around gymnasts. Combining her educational knowledge with her experience and love for gymnastics, Vicki developed the uniquely structured Rainbow Gymnastics curriculum. This curriculum has proven to be the cornerstone for establishing a successful recreational gymnastics program. Other than sharing her love of gymnastics with her students, Vicki's life's purpose is to glorify God in her daily life and to impart God's principals of purpose, patience, perseverance, and joy in regards to gymnastics training and learning.

Master Sarah Schuster – General Manager, Mighty Kids Program Manager

Master Sarah Schuster is Victory Academy's General Manager, responsible for assisting with the overall business operations and programming. In addition, Sarah's insight and knowledge of working with children have positioned her as the Mighty Kids Taekwondo manager and has helped make the program one of the best in the nation. Sarah’s additional duties at Victory include store manager and Taekwondo coordinator. Nationally, Master Schuster is the director of the Mighty Kids Training Success System, a world-renowned children’s curriculum for teaching martial arts. She graduated from Illinois State University with high honors earning a teaching degree in Elementary Education. Master Schuster is an amazing manager, educator, mentor, and mom who has found her calling here at Victory Academy.

Grandmaster Kenneth Schuster – Martial Arts Expert, Taekwondo Manager, Jiu-Jitsu Director

Now in his thirty-fifth year of Taekwondo training, Grandmaster Schuster has the unique distinction of being Grandmaster Sosa's most senior student. Currently a 7th-degree black belt, Grandmaster Schuster has earned the vital responsibility of serving as Victory Academy's Taekwondo manager. Known for his highly-refined technique and skill level, Grandmaster Schuster also serves as the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan Association’s technical advisor. Grandmaster Schuster also serves as the director of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, where he is known as Instructor Schuster. He has studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2005 and is a student under Rickson Gracie black belts Luiz Claudio and Thiago Veiga.

Grandmaster Schuster graduated from the University of Illinois with a teaching degree in Elementary Education. As a skilled practitioner and experienced trainer, Grandmaster Schuster creates an environment where confidence and character exist alongside athletic achievement. He’s known for bringing energy, excitement, commitment, passion, and humor to every class he teaches.

Leah Herchenbach – Head Gymnastic Coach, Gym Program Manager

Leah is the head coach of Olympian Club at Victory Academy, our competitive gymnastics team. Leah’s love for gymnastics is shown by over 17 years in the sport, including competing for four years in high school, nine years in club gymnastics in the Chicago area prior to competing as an NCAA gymnast at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for two years. She then transferred to Illinois State University, where she majored in Psychology and Sociology while performing with the Gamma Phi Circus for two years before graduating in December 2015.

Leah’s responsibilities at Victory Academy include creating the curriculum for Rainbow Gymnastics and Tumbletastics. Leah holds her team members to high standards in an environment of encouragement and care, creating a team not only of amazing athletes but exceptional individuals.